About Us

Best friends with a passion for creating 100% Welsh wool yarns for the world!

We are best friends who met through a mutual love of knitting and good yarn! We decided we wanted to create an entirely Welsh yarn in Spring 2018.

We also run the Knit-Tea Retreats in Cardiff and Stratford-upon-Avon.

Zoë Carter is a pattern designer and popular podcaster (on the "Pins and Needles" Youtube channel).

Jennie Powell is an indie dyer and designer. Also running Owl About Yarn, she brought the dyeing background (and dyes!) to the table. Jennie loves purple and will rarely be found without something purple on her person (or in her hair!).

Zoë and Jennie at Wonderwool Wales, 2019



Cartref Yarn, Zoe Carter and Jennie Powell, 3 Friars Road, Barry, CF62 5TR